Open Source Contributions

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NixOS is a distribution of GNU/Linux that uses an entirely different model for package management and configuration. Configuration is entirely declarative, with reproducibility one of the most significant goals of the project. I package a couple of programs, and have contributed some minor bug-fixes to others.
Kiera Theme for Hugo
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This is the theme that formerly was used for this blog. I’ve contributed support for mathematics, the ability to include an ORCiD social icon, use of/support for “last modified” dates, and a more configurable footer.

Current Projects

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'qal' is a tool to query academic libraries, like Springer Link or IEEEXplore. It includes a tool for running one-off queries as well a tool for setting up several queries to be run across several libraries automatically.
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This Emacs package uses sunrise and sunset time to change to day and night themes automatically. I’ve recently (December 2020) taken over as maintainer of the project.
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A configurable multi-repository synchronization tool with easy support for many kinds of repositories. This was my first project in Rust, and I found it to be fairly interesting.
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This Emacs package makes collection of dietary tracking information easier, by caching previously entered foodstuffs and their nutritional data
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This is the Lisp Automated Rewrite and Calculation System, a fairly simple CAS written in Common Lisp, leveraging the Common Lisp Object System.
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To help manage my collection of books, I’ve written a recutils powered shell-script that helps to keep track. It’s got reporting, query, and loan functionality, and I’m working on adding paper periodical management as well.
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The Pushover service provides a REST API for sending push notifications to various devices. Because I use Emacs for everything, including sending notifications for upcoming appointments. When I first started doing this, there was no Emacs integration for Pushover, so I wrote it.
Buffer Sets
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This is an alternative way of managing sets of buffers that Emacs should load at once. It’s fairly simple, but it serves a need – collecting files that aren’t part of a unified project, but need opened at the same time.

Former Projects

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This is an attempt at an implementation of Prolog-style inference in Common Lisp. Due to other demands, it never really got off its feet. Eventually, maybe, I’ll get around to working on it again.