Sync It

I'm pleased to announce the first release of my synchronization utility, sync-it. This is a replacement for the mr, or MyRepos utility, which is written in Perl, and natively supports a handful of repository types. However, it's hard to extend well, and less than flexible in adding new repository types.

sync-it is written in Rust (as an excuse to learn the language and tooling), and distributed as a Nix Flake. The configuration is written in TOML, and entirely manipulatable through the application. It does not, by default, know about any sort of repository, so you'll need to configure them. All repository types are defined by a set of command templates, with {{location}} being the location of the repository constantly available. Any other fields can be used, just make sure to add that option to the configuration of repositories of this type.

Installation on NixOS is simple, assuming that flakes and the nix profile command are enabled, just:

  • Add the flake to the registry: nix registry add sync-it github:swflint/sync-it
  • And install it in your profile: nix profile install 'sync-it#sync-it'

While the application needs a bit more documentation, the interface is fairly self-documenting, and provides quite a bit of help.

Hopefully this application is helpful to others, not just me!